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Current Issue. Vol. 13, № 2 (41). April-June 2015
Special Issue: Political Democracy and the World State
Reality and Theory
Analytical Frameworks
Catching a Trend
Two Russians - Three Opinions
Book Reviews
Persona Grata
International Business And World Politics

Chairman, Editorial Board
Alexei Bogaturov, Distinguished Scholar of the Russian Federation State Prize Winner

Edited by
Andrey Baykov, MGIMO University, Russia

Editorial Board

Tatiana Alekseyeva (MGIMO University, Russia), Sergey Afontsev (IMEMO of the RAS, Russia), Vladimir Baranovsky (IMEMO of the RAS, Russia), Andrey Baykov (MGIMO University, Russia), Alexei Bogaturov (AEFIR, Russia), Alexander Bulatov (MGIMO University, Russia), Timothy Colton (Harvard Univeristy, USA), Alexey Fenenko (Moscow State University, Russia), Mark von Hagen (Arizona State University, Columbia University, USA), Christine Inglis (University of Sydney, Australia), Nikolai Kosolapov (IMEMO of the RAS, Russia), Victor Kremenyuk (Institute of the US and Canada Studies, Russia), S. Neil MacFarlane (Oxford University, UK), Sergey Riazantsev (Institute of Socio-Political Studies, Russia), Tatiana Shakleina (MGIMO University, Russia), Valery Tishkov (Institute of Etnology and Antropology, Russia), Mikhail Troitskiy (MacArthur Foundation, Russia), Pavel Tsygankov (Moscow State University, Russia), Alexei Voskressensky (MGIMO University, Russia), William Wohlforth (Dartmouth College, USA).

Journal of International Relations Theory and World Politics

Published three times a year by the Academic Educational Forum on International Relations
with financial support from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation (2002-2012) and the "State Club" Foundation.

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Volume 13. 2 (41). April-June 2015


Philosophy and Anthropology of International Relations


Realizing the Chinese Dream?


International Cooperation in Providing Food Security


Quantitative Methods in International Studies in Russia
and Abroad


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